Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas Day Celebration

On Christmas morning we woke up at 7am and were so pleased to see that God had blessed us with a WHITE CHRISTMAS! I never thought that I would ever witness this in Tennessee...but we did. It made my heart happy. :)

When we got up, I still felt like a little kid...all giddy on the inside. I couldn't wait to give Jonathan his gifts! I quickly made some coffee and we were ready to start our Christmas celebrations for the day!

Here are some highlights from our morning...

Santa spud enjoyed his Christmas morning coffee along with us!

Each year we buy a new ornament for our tree that represents that year. This Christmas we chose a camera ornament, because this was my first full year in business. I think the little camera is so cute! :) You can see the ornaments from years past in this post.

All of our Christmas gifts just begging to be opened! Wrapping gifts is probably one of my favorite things about Christmas. We try to be creative with it.
If you've been following my tweets from the past couple weeks, you probably know that Max has been going CRAZY over his stocking for a while now. He has just sat and stared at it for long periods of times. We couldn't let him suffer any longer, so we went ahead and gave him his stocking full of goodies. He was pretty excited!

Husband and I exchanged stockings and then gifts. We try to stretch out the experience as long as possible by watching each other open our gifts one by one. It makes it special. :) Here's a peek at some of the amazing gifts he got me:

Do you see that tape dispenser there? Yeah, I was pretty excited about that! I had spotted it at the store a few weeks ago and commented on how cool it was. And husband remembered! When I opened it and squealed with delight he said, "Only you would get excited about a tape dispenser." haha.

This little guy was in my stocking. bahaha...

I gave Jonathan a Kindle 3 with a nifty carrying case that looks like a book. He was SO surprised and excited about it. :) 
After we opened our gifts, it was time for our traditional Christmas breakfast! Cinnamon rolls and Christmas Cokes. (don't judge...we normally don't drink soda for breakfast, but this was a special occasion :) Yummy!
Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, each Christmas Eve we give each other pajamas...and here they are! Gotta do the traditional pose-by-the-Christmas-tree photo!
We spent the rest of the morning relaxing and playing with our "toys". :) 

For Christmas dinner, we kept things simple since it was just the two of us...I made a honeyed ham with creamy mashed potatoes and garlic green beans as sides. Mmmm...
The rest of the day was spent playing in the snow (which I'll share tomorrow), going to the movies, playing games at home, and just relaxing and enjoying the day together. It was perfect.

Oh yeah, and we ate Strawberry pie.

What did you do to celebrate on Christmas day? 

With love,

Take a look at our Christmas Eve celebration here.


  1. ahh what a lovely christmas for the two of you! those wrapped packages are LOVELY!

  2. @janis: Thanks so much! We had fun wrapping them. :) It was such a special day. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!