Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DOG LOVERS: two wonderful dogs need a good home.

Attention dog lovers!

My family is having to find a new home for their two adult dogs, Gypsy and Ronin. They're having to give them away due to my littlest sister's (Moriah) allergies and because my other sister (Miranda) is moving away to a place where she can't have dogs.

These dogs are house trained, lovable, healthy, family pets.

Gypsy (pictured below left) is 4.5 years old and weighs 30 lbs. She is believed to be a Pointer/Terrier mix. She has been around horses and would make a great ranch dog.

Ronin (pictured below right) is 2.5 years old and weighs 16 lbs. He is an adorable Spaniel mix and is contender for the cutest dog ever (next to Max, of course.) :) He would be a perfect lap dog.

Both dogs are fixed and up to date on all vaccinations as of January.

These dogs are absolutely wonderful, and we will be so sad to see them go. Max will especially be sad, because they are his best canine friends. We wish we could take them, but we just can't right now. :( They really are great dogs!

If you have room in your heart and home (or someone you know does), please email me at tiffany[at]tiffanyzajas[dot]com Will go to approved home only.

Please spread the word!


  1. Oh, I wish this was being posted a few months from now! I'll be back stateside this summer and am dying to get a dog. They are both so cute. I hope you find the perfect homes for each of them! :)

  2. ronin is my favorite!!!!!!!! ill let you know if i hear of anyone

  3. Ok so this has nothing to do with your post but.....

    I know you love the big bang theory and didn't know if you cared to own the first and second seasons but I wanted to share -

  4. Man... there have been so many comments on Ronin. EVERYONE loves that face. But no one has expressed any interest in my best girl, Gypsy :(. We have found a happy home for Ronin already... Gypsy is still waiting. She might not have the face of an angel but I'm telling you that she does have the heart of one.