Wednesday, February 10, 2010

giving our friends the grand tour of Nashvegas.

This past weekend some of our bestest friends from college (Thorne, Laura, and Lauren) came to visit us here in Nashville. It was so great having them here and getting to hang out non-stop for a few days while showing them around our new city.

During the course of their stay we took them to some of our favorite spots to eat (because really...the best part about visiting a new city is discovering new restaurants!) We went to: Urban Flats, Sweet CeCe's, Baja Burrito, and Demos'. Our tummies were happy, yes indeedy!

As we were driving through downtown on Saturday, we noticed a large sign outside the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum that said "FREE ADMISSION today only!" So, we just had to stop in and say hello to all the old country music memorabilia. Even though we aren't the biggest fans of country music, it was still very cool seeing a such big part of American history (and Jonathan enjoyed taking pictures of all the records, hatch show prints, and guitars.) :)

While we were together, of course I had to make sure we got some group photos! We're building memories, people!

It really was so great having them here. We're oh-so-thankful for the wonderful people God has brought into our lives.

I hope you all are having a fantabulous week so far! :)


  1. im so glad we came!!!!!! you better believe im going to visit sweet cece's - i mean you!!! again very very SOON

  2. So. . . the Country Music Hall of Fame. . . . Did you read the signs?