Wednesday, January 27, 2010

favorite things: photography related

Yes, my friends. You heard right. It is time for another installment of favorite things! Woot woot!

I get lots of emails and messages from people asking me what my favorite photography equipment is, and what I use to edit my photos. So, I thought to myself..."Self, what better opportunity to answer these questions than in a favorite things post!"

(Please don't judge. I blame my weird mood on the cold medicine I had to take this morning.)


1. Shootsac - This is my absolute favorite bag to carry around with me at weddings and on shoots. It is perfect for keeping my favorite lenses at arms reach when I need them...I also stick my memory cards, extra batteries, and Burt's Bee's lip balm in there! Now, they are slightly more expensive than the typical bag...but they're not your typical bag either. I was blessed to win my Shootsac in an online giveaway...and I love love love it! Worth saving your pennies for it.

2. Lightroom - a.k.a. Lifesaver. This program seriously saves me soooo much time! I import all of my RAW images into Adobe Lightroom and do all of my color adjusting in there. Lightroom is great because you can do batch editing, where you edit one photo and then can apply those edits to a slew of other images. Brilliant!

3. Justin & Mary Marantz' Spread the Love Tour - I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago...but seriously, going to this workshop was absolutely amazing! It was such a time of encouragement and inspiration. Even now...weeks later, I can't stop thinking of the principles that Justin and Mary shared during Spread the Love. If you're a small business owner, or want to one day open your own small business...I highly encourage you to go to this workshop!

4. 50mm 1.8 lens - This was the first lens that I bought after my kit lens, and I LOVE it! When I first got my DSLR camera, I was slightly overwhelmed with how expensive lenses are (ha, I'm still overwhelmed with that)...but this lens only costs about $100 and it is so amazing. If you don't have one already, please go get it. I love it so much I might just adopt it. We'll see...might have to convince Jonathan on that one.

5. Seat Belt Camera Strap - Husband got me this super cute strap for Christmas. It's turquoise and matches my branding for tiffany zajas photography. And I love it!

So, how about you...what are some of your favorite photography-related things? :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

P.S. Rumor has it we're supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow morning. I'm crossing my fingers! I want to build a snowman.


  1. Can you suggest a low cost or better yet, FREE photo editing software or site for amateur photographer wannabe's like me?


  2. @Deanna: I've heard that Gimp works really well for a free program! I haven't used it myself, but I've had friends who have and said that it worked well. Best of luck to you in your photography learning endeavors...keep it up and have fun! :)

  3. #1 and #4 are some of my ave things too!!!