Wednesday, August 12, 2009

we've got some big news to share!

Hello, Jonathan here. Yes, I really do exist despite how infrequently I post around here. We have some news to share and rather than calling thousands of our friends we thought we'd write a blog post to announce it. And no, we're not pregnant. Silly. So...

We're moving to Nashville!

I (Jonathan) have accepted a new job and I'll be starting in just a few weeks so we'll be moving quickly sometime at the end of this month.

Besides the new job and location there will be a few changes occurring for us, both great and some not-so-great. I'm leaving my job of 6+ years, difficult and not-so-great. Tiffany will be starting her own photography studio in Nashville, yay! Great! Be looking for more on that in the weeks to come. We'll be moving away from Tiffany's family and many of our best friends, also difficult and not-so-great. But we'll be moving closer to most of my immediate family and some old friends, another yay!

All in all, we're excited, thrilled, happy, nervous, anxious, and a little sad. We will miss Chattanooga/Cleveland but it will forever be a part of us as our first home together. To those we've grown to know, love, and respect around here whether it be through day-to-day life, work, learning, or church--thank you. We treasure our times, our friendships, and our lives have been forever changed.

It's with great anticipation and greater expectations that we take this next step.


  1. I am SO excited for you guys! Woohoo! :-)

  2. I'm both happy and sad. However, I must say that my happiness and excitement over this next chapter in your lives overshadows the sadness. God's hand is on you guys in an awesome way.

  3. vacation to nashville here i come!!!!

  4. I owe Sammy a trip that's just me and him. I had thought of taking him to Kathy's in Hendersonville so that would mean I would actually get to see you guys as well! That is not planned until spring! I know God's Hand will guide you as you give ALL you are for HIM! Love you

  5. have fun in Nashville...the home of country music! you will love it!

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  7. would you two be interested in being in the Judgment this year?

  8. Thanks everyone! :)

    @Lauren: You are welcome in the Zajas home anytime.

    @Aunt Dolly: We would LOVE to see you this next spring. Let us know when you'll be visiting!

    @Fading Existence: I don't think we'll be able to commit to it this year. Thanks so much for thinking of us though! :)